The Chad Chair Week 5: Bryan Provost from Tadpoolery & Jocelyn Moffett of The Gamers Inn Podcast

Paton was unable to join us this week and Chad is still away. Fear not! We have a super fun episode in store for you. Nerdtacular 2012 happened on June 23rd and Bryan, Jocelyn and Joel were all there to take in the event. We’ve got geeky stories, fanboy stories and a ton more to share.

If you were at Nerdtacular, drop us a line with your stories or favorite moments. You can also reach us on Twitter, @thecitadelcafe!

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Episode No: 026
Show Title: We’ve Gone Girl-tacular!



Nerdtacular 2012

Nerdtacular started in 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah as a way to celebrate the local Extralife / Frogpants Studios community, renting out a movie theater and watching a nerdy blockbuster together. It has become a full on mini convention for hundreds of attendees!

While Nerdtacular has grown more and more each year, and nearly just as many people come from outside of Utah that come from wihtin, the core purpose remains the same: Good fun with good friends. Now it’s a full blown mini-con, and you are all invited! Source:

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Movies, TV & Video


11/22/63 by Stephen King

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Show notes by Jocelyn (@GISgamer) from The Gamers’ Inn Podcast.

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