The Citadel Cafe 222: It’s Magic Batman

Lou leaves the brain food at home this week to talk about Justice League Dark and some mobil roll playing games. Joel watched Pete’s Dragon and Jason Bourne. We throw in some talk about pets for good measure as well as artist pick, “Gop Gap”.

The Citadel Cafe 221: Big Hero Netflix

Instead of sleeping, Hammond has been watching Shut Eye on Hulu and listening to the Galactic Cowboys. Joel continues on his rebellious mission to catch up on Star Wars Rebels and has been re-watching his favorite animated Disney films on Netflix. PS: Derek Laufman has a new art book!

The Citadel Cafe 220: Welcome To Troll Market

Lou joins in the cartoon revels of Star Wars Rebels. Joel continues the trend with Dreamworks’ new Netflix series, TrollHunters. Tom Hardy is weird and wait… What’s this? Lou has a zombie pick for your dietary needs.