The Citadel Cafe 189: The Red Woman

Hammond is here to talk about his recent success with podcasting partner Brian Ibbot on their new show Soundography. Joel and Hammond dig into Whispers Of The Old Gods, the new expansion for Hearthstone and we kick of our Winter is Coming segment with the season six premiere of Game of Thrones.

The Citadel Cafe 188: Outside Overwatch

Brockett Vola is here to talk about The Path, an original series on Hulu. Joel has been watching The Legend of Korra on Netflix and we talk about what it’s like to have a curious outside interest in Blizzard’s new game, Overwatch.

The Citadel Cafe 187: Fast Writing On The Wall

Lou Page, fresh off the old folks bus (His birthday was yesterday.) joins Old Man Duggan in a Supergirl writing rant that will get the undies you wear outside your pants in a knot. Lou shares his thoughts on Daredevil Season 2 and Joel shares some epic Overwatch cosplay and Game of Thrones related listener email.

The Citadel Cafe 186: Fifty Foot Marvel Mix Tape

Hammond Chamberlain has returned from a well deserved vacation in Hawaii to talk about fifty foot waves, his take on Batman v Superman and Daredevil Season 2. He also has a cool new music podcast project called Soundography with podcaster Brian Ibbott currently on Kickstarter. Joel has been watching The Sopranos for the first time and we have listener email!