The Citadel Cafe 261: Pixlriffs And Hockey Sticks

Joel is joined by special guest Pixlriffs for a chat about Minecraft and creating game related content for YouTube. Joel watched Ghost In The Shell and we share some thoughts on the trailer for the new Star Wars film, Solo. Be sure to check out the Patreon page for the Barista Cut, an extended chat with Pixlriffs!

The Citadel Cafe 260: RWBY Tuesday

Megan is here to talk about RWBY, one of her favourite anime series from one of her favourite production companies, Rooster Teeth. Joel has been reading his latest Zits comic strip treasury collection and Tesla is turning Australia into a giant battery.

The Citadel Cafe 259: Lightning Riffs

Lou is here to talk about The CW’s latest super hero show, Black Lightning. Joel riffs a bit about Minecraft creator content and PixlRiffs on YouTube. Pilot X is recommended reading and the Ant-man and The Wasp trailer is recommended watching.