The Citadel Cafe 165: Story Con/Struct

The Citadel Cafe 165: Story Con/Struct

This week Lou brings us up to speed on what to expect in Fear The Walking Dead, Scream the series and Person Of Interest. Joel has not one but two art book Kickstarter campaigns to recommend and we have even more books to talk about in the Internet Minute.

The Citadel Cafe 164: Future Reports

Brocket Vola is setting his sights on some new television shows coming this fall. Joel is riding the Netflix Original Series train all the way to Columbia. We talk Disney, Marvel, an upcoming BBC fantasy series and Star Wars Episode VII LEGO.

The Citadel Cafe 163: The Dog Helmet

Lou Page is here to finally explain Rick and Morty in a way that Joel understands. Joel has found a DC animated feature he actually enjoyed – and no, it’s just just because there were boobs – and Maisie Williams has fun a new YouTube channel.

The Citadel Cafe 162: G’mork

Hammond Chamberlain is here to talk about a few nostalgic films from the 80’s. Time Bandits. The NeverEnding Story. Do they hold up? It all depends on how old you were on your first viewing. 80’s drug cartels on the other hand, that’s good TV right there. Joel has been devouring art online and Hammond of course has a music pick to share.