The Citadel Cafe 228: Expand Your Iron Fist

The Citadel Cafe 228: Expand Your Iron Fist

Lou strikes fear, uncertainty and doubt into the hearts of would be Iron Fist fans with a SPOILER FREE impression of the new Netflix/Marvel series. We follow up with The Expanse, Season 2 – again SPOILER FREE – and cap it all off with Joel’s current nerdy distraction, Minecraft and a fantastic artist pick of the week.

The Citadel Cafe 227: Don’t Have A Cow Man

Brockett and Joel are having stressful weeks. Maybe even stressful months. We decompress and talk about binging stress releif activities. Brockett has went through Parks And Recreation for the first time. Joel has dipped his big toe into the world of Minecraft.

The Citadel Cafe 226: Sticking It To The Man

Phil Rood returns to chat about Logan. Don’t worry, we start with a SPOILER FREE chat about the film then get into spoilers at the very end of the show. We also talk movie theatre etiquette – or lack there of – and (surprise) LEGO.

The Citadel Cafe 225: JK BrickWorks

Hammond Chamberlain is excited to share a very cool film project that he is involved in called The Empowerment Project. Joel has taken Brockett’s advice and started in on the second season of The Man In The High Castle and a litle de ja vus for you with more LEGO picks!