The Citadel Cafe 247: Is It Christmas Yet

The Citadel Cafe 247: Is It Christmas Yet

Lou Page is in the house to talk about the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, set to release this Christmas. He also has a Christmas horror movie to share. Joel plans to catch up on Supergirl Season 2 now that it’s available on Netflix and Lou has some zombie news. Imagine that!

The Citadel Cafe 246: The Vulcan Hello

Alastair McFly returns to talk about first impressions after the premiere this week of Star Trek Discovery. There is some interesting character development in the first two episodes as well as interesting bits of Klingon culture and history. We get into spoilers so be sure to watch the first two episodes before you listen.

The Citadel Cafe 245: Looking Ahead To Discovery

Alastair McFly beams aboard the USS Citadel to talk about the new Star Trek series, Discovery, premiering next week. We talk at length about how to watch, licensing hurtles, a new approach to the Klingon Empire and some of the factoids we know about the crew of the USS Discovery.