Every week, Joel sits down with a guest (or two) to chat about what has been consumed in the realms of sci-fi and fantasy movies, television, books and games.

The show name, The Citadel Cafe, came from wanting to communicate the casual nature of the show – like sitting down and chatting at a cafe – as well as evoking a bit of the worlds we love in both sci-fi an fantasy. As it turns out, giving a nod to the historic Citadel Hill in the shows home town of Halifax, Nova Scotia, worked out on all fronts!

The Citadel Cafe was pioneered by Joel, Paton and Chad. Joel still hosts and produces the show, but Paton and Chad have produced minions, and moved on to devote time to their families. Now, The Citadel Cafe welcomes regular rotating co-hosts and guests who share their unique takes on their favourite entertainment genres.

Joel Duggan

Cartoonist, Illustrator, Podcaster and Publisher. Born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada. Joel hosts and produces The Citadel Cafe each week. Other podcast projects include currently co-hosting and producing The Spawn Chunks, a podcast all about Minecraft, and previously co-hosting on the artist interview show Comics Coast to Coast on the FrogPants network. In addition to other creative work on Twitch and YouTube, Joel is also the owner and art director of Forge Publishing.

Lou Page

Podcaster, Writer, Gamer and Film-nut from Southern Maine where he lives with his wife and two cats. He co-hosts and produces Zombies Ate My Podcast and Off the Cuff. If it has zombies in it then Lou probably knows something about it. In his free time he also writes reviews and previews on indie games at Indie-Love.com. Follow Lou on Twitter @BusyZombieLord.

Megan Townshend

A nerdy girl from Canada who does YouTube for funsies while managing work, school, and podcasting. Videos range from travel, to make up, to reviews, to games, and blogs. An actor pursuing projects on stage and screen and a fantasy writer working on The Heir of Keldonan.

Brockett Vola

Doting dad, Chicago based purveyor of Pass Or Play, and confection connoisseur of #CandyOfThisDay.

Hammond Chamberlain

Hammond has been involved in audio production and podcasting for as long as he can remember. (It’s unclear how long that actually is.) The man behind Beyond The Playlist and co-host of Soundography eventually hoodwinked Joel into letting him appear monthly on The Citadel Cafe. Hammond has moved on to produce podcasts full time for a number of other creators.

Paton Francis

Animator, illustrator, husband and father. Paton was born a number of years ago in a faraway, magical place called Newfoundland and is currently working in Halifax as an animator on productions for television, streaming and film.

Chad Merlin

You don’t need to see Chad’s identification… This isn’t the co-host you’re looking for… Move along… Move along.