SPOILER WARNING! We will be going into great detail about this season of Game of Thrones on the show. It’s really best if you watch the episode before listening to the show.

After a week off, JoelPaton and guest host Lou Page are back to discuss what many are calling the most talked about Game of Thrones episode of the entire series. Our Winter is Coming segment will run red. Lou has been devouring Hannibal on NBC, Joel is lost on planet Nexus and Paton teaches us about Damascus Steel. 

SPOILER FREE: To pass the Winter is Coming segment, stop at the 14min mark and skip ahead to 43min 28sec where we move on to the rest of the show.

Listen after the credits for a bonus chat about hating spoilers and social media.

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Episode No: 068
Show Title: The Lannisters Send Their Regards

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