Paton is jazzing up his downtime with animated shorts. Joel discovers just how ordinary No Ordinary Family really is and iPad and website woes are thwarted by an exciting look at Wildstar.

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Episode No: 058
Show Title: It’s Almost Naked Time


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  • Joel’s look alike in The Incredible Hulk volume 3, issue No. 1










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Saeed F.

“I wanted to write in because I’m in the middle of listening to the Citadel Cafe and I wanted to write this up before I forgot, but I’m also a HUGE Smallville fan, despite the huge cheese factor, and barrage of bad episodes, and story lines

I was lucky enough to go to San Diego Comic Con and attend the Season 10 Smallville panel. One of the questions was in regards to Batman. Tom Welling chimed in saying that he was a huge fan of having Bruce Wayne on the show, but Warner Brothers said the only two properties they couldn’t use was Batman and Wonder Woman (I can’t remember the exact reason, but I think it had to do with them wanting to keep their 3 major properties as 3 separate entities (but I’m not fully sure)). Every other character was fair game. So it’s not that they didn’t, it’s they legally couldn’t. They couldn’t even have a nameless rich character with a briefcase with the initials B.W. embroidered in it.

The comic book series Smallville Season 11 doesn’t have these restrictions though.

– Saeed


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