For any of you long time listeners, you’ll remember our Winter is Coming Countdown from last years lead up to our talks on Game of Thrones Season 2. We’re big fans of the Game of Thrones franchise here at The Citadel Cafe and we plan to continue our weekly chats every Wednesday when the new season starts. Heads up folks, there will be spoilers! We figure three to four days is enough time to give people to catch the latest episode.

While we are re-watching season 2 to refresh our brains on Westeros, we’re not going blow-by-blow on the show. We will kick off the Winter is Coming segment on Wednesday, April 3rd at the usual time, 8:00 PM Eastern barring any schedule blips that week.

If, gods forbid, you haven’t seen Game of Thrones, get on that! While you watch, you can go back and listen to the Winter Is Coming Countdown which started on Episode 5 and the season 2 talks that started with the season 2 premiere on Episode 15.