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Joel watched WALL-E on blu-ray (again) but had issues with lackluster surround sound. Paton spent some quality time with his Mrs. watching cooking shows on the AppleTV and Chad laced up his skates and watched a low brow hockey comedy called Goon. We all weigh in on the new stuff from Apple and Sebastiaan writes us with fantastic Star Wars stuff we all want.

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Episode No: 034
Show Title: Indiegogo Go Go


Small Talk

Movies, TV & Video (Games)


Email 1 – Sebastiaan V.
Hey guys,

Froliking around on the internet on a Saturday night i came across a few star wars related items that I thought y’all would like.

First is a lightsaber like toothbrush, shown in an instagram shot: http://instagram.com/p/PUzI3FtwIg/

The second one is for the trekking star wars fan. See what i did there? It is an R2-D2 styled rolling suitcase. At $97.00 US, I think that it’s in my danger zone for random purchasing. Plus it’s adorable. http://fashionablygeek.com/bags/r2-d2-rolling-suitcase/

Hope you’re having a great show!

Looking forward to hearing the new one,


Internet Minute


Show notes by Jocelyn (@GISgamer) from The Gamers’ Inn Podcast.

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Joel, Paton & Chad