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On episode 33, Joel announces the launch of his new book and shares a new podcast about creator published works, Paton grosses everyone out with real life cosplay Bert and Ernie and Chad shares one of his favorite documentaries on the American Civil War.

Also, Lemel writes in with an epic cookie question. Could this be the start of a new segment?

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Episode No: 033
Show Title: 42 Pounds Of Cheese


Small Talk

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Email 1 – Lemel (in the chatroom)
Hey all at TCC, i’ve got another question for you all tonight and it’s about cookies! and i’ve got a few question for you all about them.

  • Do you guys prefer your cookies to be a chewy or hard?
  • Would you like either one giant cookie or a mountain of mini cookies
  • What type of cookie do you guys like

For myself i enjoy a chewy choc cookie with white choc chips, and prefer to have mini cookies as you can sneak one in at anywhere anytime.

Well I hope you all enjoy a cookie tonight.


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Joel, Paton & Chad