Paton is alive! Back to podcast another day, Mr. Francis fills us in on the last of his summer, including some local comic artist works that have found his night stand. Chad had to bow out this week. So, Joel stepped up the foolery to fill the void. We’ve got Hell on Wheels, World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria, more Batman talk (not what you think) and of course… Old Spice Guy!

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Episode No: 032
Show Title: Six Finger Discount



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Email 1 – Bryan Provost
Hey guys,

My friend Seth owns a local game shop and had a silent auction last weekend. I won the Star Wars Saga Edition core Rulebook and the KOTOR add-on for $60! These went out of print in 2010 but are known to many to be the best SW RPG made.
(It takes all the good stuff from D&D 4.5.)

So, this week I’m going to his place to snag the books and go over a few starter campaign ideas. Eventually, I want to run a game based on the Yuuzahn Vong story arc from the expanded (StarWars) universe. It’s a personal favorite and is from the New Jedi Order novels. If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend you do!


Comments: Star Wars 1313


“@donald_devoe Rivendell in LEGOs? WANT!

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