The Chad Chair Week 1: Matthew Ducharme of

Matthew Ducharme our animator and otherwise cartoony friend joins us as we finally get the chance to talk about The Avengers feature film on the show. Spoiler Alert! We don’t hold back. We actually talk about The Avengers so much that we bumped our regular Game of Thrones discussion to to next week. Paton brings up an interesting television and MMORPG cross over, Diablo 3 is kicking Joel back, and Mat leads us in a geeky discussion about the quality of animation out there today and what bars we hold creators to.

Coming up, we have confirmed Garrett Weinzierl of StarCast and This Week In Blizz as our guest for June 6th, which will mark the Game of Thrones season two season finale here on The Citadel Cafe.

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Episode No: 022
Show Title: A Giant Wad of Nutella



Small Talk

Avengers is Coming! (Well, technically here…)

For those looking to avoid spoilers, the Avengers talk begins at 24:00 and ends at 1:02:00.

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Show notes by Jocelyn (@GISgamer) from The Gamers’ Inn Podcast.

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