We are a bit shy on music this time around so we thought we would ask you, “What was your first album?” Write the show and let us know. Our Winter Is Coming Countdown continues with episod 2, “The Kingsroad” of Game of Thrones, we talk about a sticks (and stones) that are breaking Kickstarter records and filed emails on murdering classic 80’s cartoons and Being Human.

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Episode No: 006
Show Title: Almond Butt


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Episode 2: “The Kingsroad”


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Listener Feedback

“Hey guys, love the show. I was wondering what your opinions are on Hollywood taking all of our 80’s cartoons and turning them into horrible movies.

Thanks, keep up with the good work!

– Rick P.”

“Ep1 of Being Human is pretty cool! but now I want to know more stuff like how did they meet each other! why vampire can do Jedi mind trick “He did not do it, go to your car” “Ok he did not do it, I will go to my car!”… and if the werewolf will learn some way to use his power/curse when he wants like Strength improved etc… And of course if they will be some fights?

oh btw why all the stars vampires play like Edward of Twilight? Same face and eyes reaction…


Gregory C. (From France)”
Attack of the Internets!

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