The Citadel is now weekly! We’ve had so much to talk about – buckle up, this is a monster episode – that we’ve decided to make TCC a weekly show. For now, we record Wednesday evenings at 7:30 EST / 8:30 AST. We hope to have a live feed going soon but for now there is no live show. This week we dig in to the new fangled TVs at the Consumer Electronic Show in Los Vegas, the new Replicator 3D printer from Maker Bot, Bernard Cornwell, and Elmo. Yup, Elmo.

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Episode No: 003
Show Title: LOTR Is Better Than Cable



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Home Security and Social Media – How much info is too much?

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Attack of the Internets!
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Show notes by Jocelyn (@GISgamer) from The Gamers’ Inn Podcast.

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