Jun 28, 2024 | podcast

Joel, and Stephen review Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, and The Acolyte premiere. (No spoilers!) Stephen is developing a personal rating system for films, and series, and Joel shares an email from a listener interested in advice for freelancing in digital media.

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Small Talk

  • Episode 300 of The Spawn Chunks (YouTube.com)
  • The Cinema Scale by M. G. Jasper (Medium.com)
    • The ten elements of The Cinema Scale are:
      • Plot (Story Arc and Plausibility)
      • Attraction (Premise & Entertainment Value)
      • Theme (Identity & Depth)
      • Acting (Characters & Performance)
      • Dialogue (Storytelling & Context)
      • Cinematography (Visual Language & Lighting, Setting, and Wardrobe)
      • Editing (Pace & Effects)
      • Soundtrack (Sound Design & Film Score)
      • Directing (Vision & Execution)
      • The “It” Factor (One-of-a-Kind & Transcendent)

Listener Email

FROM: Lord_Valor
PATREON SUPPORT: Cafe Barista Patron
SUBJECT: Freelancing Tips

Hello Joel, and Stephen

I have recently entered the “working world” upon graduating from university. I have graduated with a degree in Digital Media Production. A “movie” degree as we call it. One of my options is to go into film freelancing for people’s weddings, ceremonies, or other events. Joel, as someone who does art freelance, what are some things I need to seriously consider, and know if I were to go this route? Any tips are helpful! 

On a different note, I recommend watching Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney Plus. The Percy Jackson series was my favourite book series, (Kinda still is.) and I think it’s about time we got a good recreation of those books in cinema form. 

Thanks for the wonderful podcast, and the six-plus years of entertainment you have provided for me thus far.



PS: Joel, I am still waiting for you to try Subnautica!

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