Oct 11, 2023 | podcast

Joel, and Stephen talk books, and fonts, answer listener email about October horror films, and discuss the epic third act of Star Wars: Ahsoka. Plus, tiny German models, and huge LEGO models.

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Small Talk

Listener Email

FROM: Lord_Valor
PATREON SUPPORT: Cafe Barista Member
SUBJECT: It’s Spooky Season

Hey Joel, and Stephen! 

Every October my roommates, and I prioritize watching horror movies through the month of October. So far we have watched Alien (1979), and Aftermath (2021). Horror is something I’ve more recently begun to enjoy, so I understand both sides of hating it, and loving it. 

Do you prioritize watching horror movies in October? Or is horror a genre you steer away from? What is your experience with horror movies, and do you have any horror movie suggestions? 

Thanks for the great podcast! The Citadel Cafe has been entertainment for me throughout high school, and now also in my final year of university. 

Keep it up!


PS: Here are some of my top horror films for anyone interested!

  1. The Blair Witch Project 
  2. Us
  3. The Cabin in the Woods 
  4. Get Out 
  5. Candyman (1992)
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