Sep 26, 2023 | podcast

Joel, shares his first impressions of Starfield after about a week of playing the game before digging into the first five episodes of Ahsoka with Stephen, and drooling over a LEGO collection of over 8,000 sets!

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FROM: Xenith (zhen-eth)
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Hello, Joel and Stephen!

I wanted to write in to say that I’m loving the Ahsoka series so far!  I’ve been caught off-guard a few times by Ahsoka’s imperfections since I tended to idolize her as the “perfect jedi” from Clone Wars, and Rebels, but after I process what’s happened, everything makes a lot of sense for where her character is mentally.

It feels a bit slow sometimes, but I think primarily because I want to see more, and I look forward to being able to watch through a second time when it’s finished to fully appreciate it. I seem to fall in love with the episodes several hours after watching them after I work through the initial “that’s it?!” emotions.

Also, I love Baylan way more than I assumed I would, and am quite sad that the actor (Ray Stephenson) has passed away.  They’ve done a good job of making him an interesting character!

My only big criticism so far is whatever they did to de-age Hayden Christianson as a young Anakin Skywalker.  I feel like makeup would have looked better than digitally altering him. The World Between Worlds may also have been a good place to switch to animation, instead, in my opinion, despite how that might feel to people who don’t watch Star Wars animation.  Something about digitally altering people just feels so creepy to me, but it might be something I need to get used to as technology improves.

I hope you’re both well and enjoying the show, too!


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