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FROM: Jordan P.
PATREON SUPPORT: Cafe Community Member
SUBJECT: TV Shows Last Year

Hello there, Joel and Alastair,

As I was looking back on the shows I watched last year, I realised that I only really watched 4 New shows. These being, House of the Dragon, The Peripheral, Reacher, and The Rings of Power. I have finished 2 of these series and am currently watching the Peripheral. I was wondering how you would rate these 4 shows (or any other shows from 2022). Mine is as follows:

1:Reacher- It was nearly perfect and didn’t over do it.
2:The Peripheral- On Ep.4, has been quite good but I do not feel like it has a good enough backstory. 
3:The Rings of Power- I wish it was closer to the Silmarillion but I enjoyed it nevertheless.
4:House of the Dragon- I did not finish this. I disliked almost all of the characters and I did not want to watch the story because of how much I hated some of them.

Rant over, thanks for the awesome podcast,


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