Nov 24, 2022 | podcast

Joel, and Alastair are enjoying time back in Minecraft, and discuss why some voxel based inspired games often miss the mark. Alastair has been refilling on documentaries, Joel has been engrossed in the historical dramatization of The Crown, and LEGO has been engineered to new heights.

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Listener Email

FROM: Travis P.
SUBJECT: Not Quite Minecraft

Dear Joel, and Alastair,

I have a question for the professional Minecraft players in the podcast, even though this isn’t The Spawn Chunks. What do you think of the idea of Minecraft Mods inspiring their own games? One that I know of was inspired by mods like TerraFirmaCraft and VintageCraft called Vintage Story is extremely nice, and in active development, not only implementing things that were in the base mods, but also progressing beyond, with the advantage of being able to control the development of the core game and engine. Have you ever heard of Vintage Story, and if you have, what do you think?

Travisplo returned to desperately searching for berries.

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  • LEGO Eiffel Tower (
    • Set 10307 | 10,001 pieces
    • H: 59″ (149cm) | W: 23″ (57cm) | D: 23″ (57cm) 


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