May 9, 2022 | podcast

Joel and Stephen finally have a chance to share their thoughts on Spider-man No Way Home. Joel has been blasting away by Halo, and Stephen has wrapped up Moon Knight.

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Listener Email

FROM: Garret
SUBJECT: Adapting Entertainment

Hello Joel and Stephen!

I was listening to your latest episodes where you discussed Dune, Moon Knight and Halo and they got me thinking… Dune was a novel, Moon Knight was a comic, and Halo is a video game. Similarly to how those were adapted, what is something that you guys would like to see adapted to a movie or series format?

For me it would be my favourite book, Red Rising. Set on Mars, the book takes place hundreds of years in the future where humanity has been separated into a color coded society. The main character (a Red) must then free the solar system from the oppression of the Golds. In my opinion something like this would make a great Tv show. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Keep up the great podcast!


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