Apr 29, 2022 | podcast

Joel and Brockett answer two big listener emails asking to break down their favourite video games by decade, and share some book recommendations in the realm of sci-fy, and fantasy.

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Small Talk

Listener Email

FROM: The Grand Titan
SUBJECT: Favourite Video Game Bucket List

Hey Joel (and co-host),

I have been a listener since July of 2021 and have found The Citadel Cafe a place where people talk about things I am actually interested in. I have also started to listen to The Spawn Chunks and have found it quite entertaining. 

I have a Brockett type question for the show. What is your favorite game from your childhood, your favorite game from your teenage years, and your favorite game now, as an adult?

You can’t pick games with sequels or prequels or ones with a sequel on the way but you can pick games like Legends of Zelda that are multiple games in a series but aren’t directly related. 

Thanks for the excellent content and I can’t wait for the coming episodes.

Keep up the good work,

The Grand Titan

PS: I was wondering if you do Minecraft videos on YouTube?

FROM: Jordan P.
SUBJECT: Books Books Books

Hi there, Joel and Brockett,

After listening to you both talk about the Lord of the Rings on Episode 436, “Turning Red”, I got to thinking… I have been reading the Dune series of books and was wondering what other series of books you have enjoyed or are enjoying currently?

Thanks for the thought provoking podcast!


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