Dec 21, 2021

Brockett and Joel talk home entertainment tech, Black Friday, and answer an email about low-cost video games before taking a look at they first few episodes of the live action Cowboy Bebop on Netflix.

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Small Talk

Listener Email

FROM: Grand277
SUBJECT: Congratulations!

Dear Joel and Co-hosts

First, congratulations on ten years of the Citadel Cafe! Even though I personally have only been listening in for a year and a half.

Like you I watch others play games on youtube to pass the time sometimes, and they have recently been playing two games called Inscryption a deck-building/horror card game that has interested me and another game called Carto, a puzzle game where you change the landscape around yourself, these games seem really fun but as i am only a high school freshman without a job I will most likely not be able to play them. 

Do you guys have any game recommendations that are on the cheap side for us who do not have an expendable income? 

How do you feel YouTube compares to other entertainment options? My mother personally believes that YouTube is not as high a quality or as deserving of my attention as other entertainment platforms. I disagree as there is much more content on YouTube, and a greater variety that I find interesting. How do you think YouTube compares to other Streaming platforms like Disney+, for example?


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