May 4, 2021

Brockett and Joel answer listener email about what creative inputs make or break a film before devoting the episode to talking about The Falcon And The Winter Soldier and the season finale.

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Listener Email

FROM: Lord Valor
SUBJECT: What makes a movie great?

Hello Joel and the multitude of co-hosts!

University is winding down, and I am finally finding time to try and catch up on the podcast, so I hope the topic I bring up hasn’t been discussed on the podcast recently. 

I am going to University for Digital Media, which means I am studying film and how to make them. We have studied camera work, editing work, but what I’m finding I like the most is the scriptwriting aspect of a film. I also find that this is what makes or breaks the story for me in film. If the script isn’t good, then the film will not be good. Which brings me to ask, in your opinion, what makes a movie really, really good? Or, on the other spectrum, what makes a film really,  really bad? Is it the writing, acting, editing, or some other aspect?

Would love to hear your thoughts, keep up the great work!

I’ll take a dark roast to go,

Lord_Valor (Jonah)


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