Feb 4, 2021

Stephen and Joel discuss the shifting pace of WandaVision, analyzing key events from the first four episodes, and how they think the story ties into the larger MARVEL cinematic universe.

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FROM: ObsidianCladFox – Cafe Barista Member
SUBJECT: Boy Scouts

Howdy pardners, 

I find it interesting that certain roles you see an actor in, possibly the first role you see them in, can shape your view of them from then on. It then makes it harder to fully embrace a different archetype or character role in the future.  You often call certain people “boy scouts”, such as Henry Cavill and Chris Evans. 

Since I got into the MCU much later than most people, my view of Chris Evans is very different. The first role I saw him in was in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, where he played, to be blunt, a massive douchebag. Ever since then, all I see is a skater bro even though he’s America’s icon for so many other people. 

Keep up the excellent work, always looking forward to the next episode! 


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