Jan 15, 2021

Joel and Megan answer listener email about non-nerdy things they still nerd out over, and discuss the ins, outs and nerdier side of TikTok.

Outro music: The Wellerman, by Nathan Evanss featuring additional vocals by Luke Taylor.

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Listener Email

FROM: ObsidianCladFox – Cafe Barista Member
SUBJECT: Nerding Out About Non-Nerdy Things

Hello Joel and cohost(s)! 

I was wondering:

What are some hobbies or interests that you nerd out about, but aren’t typically nerdy? Alternatively if you can think of some that aren’t necessarily yours, that works too. 

For example, in my case it’s welding and metal fabrication. It’s social perception is a “manly” job and pretty far removed from nerd status, but I absolutely geek out about nice welds and fantastic equipment.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

I love the podcast, keep being rad!

(All of you.)

Internet Minute


Reply to @playthroughfireandflames With a username like yours, this request must be for you 😆 ##throughthefireandflames ##guitarhero ##harp ##harptok

♬ Through the Fire and Flames . DragonForce – Kristan Toczko — harpist


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