Jan 7, 2021

Joel welcomes StephenESC to The Citadel Cafe as a regular co-host in the first episode of the new year where they discuss Detective Pikachu, Wolfwalkers, and Oxygen Not Included.

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FROM: Lord_Valor
SUBJECT: Marvel Comics

Hello Joel and cohost!

I’ve been catching up on TCC (University started and life just got busy.) and have been enjoying the podcast as always, thanks for all you guys (and Megan) do! I have a question for you, your cohost, or your audience. 

I want to start reading the Marvel comics, but I don’t know of any website where you can rent them. I don’t really want to own them, because I really don’t have room to store them all. Is there an online platform where you can rent comics? Also, if I do begin reading the comics, where should I start? There are tons of Marvel comics and I wouldn’t know where to begin. 

Thanks again for all you do, and for your help with this subject. 

I will take my coffee to go,


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