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Listener Email

FROM: Anonymous Again
SUBJECT: Adult Aimed Anime and Among Us

Hey Joel and fortunate Megan, 

I just listened to your most recent episode in which you mentioned how you wish there was a good animated series that was aimed at adults without being vulgar. Well, I just finished watching the new Dragons’ Dogma series on Netflix about the 7 deadly sins and am currently breezing through Tokyo Ghoul. These are both anime series that I find fun and interesting to watch as they are short and have compelling plots. Though I definitely would not tag them as light hearted I still find them an easy watch when I have a spare minute. 

Also, I have recently been enjoying playing Among Us with my friends. I don’t know if you have any experience with this but I’d love to hear about it if you do.

Yours with a lotus biscuit, 

Anonymous Again

FROM: Legomania
SUBJECT: I Love To Draw And Game

I was the person who wrote in about Recorded By Arizal. I am super happy that I inspired the main topic for one of your episodes! 

Regarding mobile games, I was wondering what mobile games have you played? I have a couple recommendations.

1.) Castle Pals. A tough 2D platformer which is free on mobile with ads and $5 on pc and console.


2.) Lost In Harmony. A level-based forward-facing runner rhythm game with a story about two lovers separated and you play one through his dreams based on what his girlfriend texts him. 

Drowning in nerdom,


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