Sep 9, 2020

Lou and Joel discuss the pacing problems of The Witcher and 3BELOW Season 2, while looking ahead to Wizards, Tales of Arcadia. Lou takes a trip back in time with The Alienist and Joel shares fun Mandalorian fan art.

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Listener Email

FROM: Obheron
SUBJECT: The Witcher Timeline

Hi Joel and Megan,

I just finished listening to Episode 372 and had some comments on your Witcher discussion near the end of the podcast.

My wife and I also found the plot/story a bit confusing. I was really thrown off a bit when halfway through the season i was asking myself, “Wasn’t that person killed last episode?”. I decided to do some digging.

Turns out the story/plot/arc of season 1 is all about getting Geralt to Cirri, but through flashbacks that build on who Geralt (and what a witcher) is. Every scene with Cirri is the present, while any other scenes with Geralt and/or Yennefer are flashbacks attempting to cover about 3-4 decades of backstory. Once I knew this and could orient myself to a timeline, the rest of the season was much more enjoyable.

I also started reading the books (there are 8 in total). The first 2 are a collection of short stories detailing various adventures of Geralt and are not in any structured timeline that I can make out. At least 6 of the 8 episodes on Netflix are made from these short stories, further explaining the fragmented feeling of the first season. The last 5 books are the Witcher story proper and the last book written (read as the 3rd book between the short stories and the last 5), is meant to be a bridge between the two.

Maybe some of these points will help gain a better appreciation on that second watch through!

And with 6 more books of original source material, there’s still plenty to pull from for future seasons!

Loving The Citadel Cafe and The Spawn Chunks, keep up the good work.


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