Sep 2, 2020

Joel is definitely more excited about the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series than he is about finishing the second seasons of 3BELOW or American Gods and Megan helps shed some light on a listener email recommendation, Recorded By Arizal.

Episode title card art from Recorded By Arizal, by Rooster Teeth Animation.

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Listener Email

FROM: NeonForPencils
SUBJECT: Art Techniques And Tools

Hi Joel and co-host,

I am an up and coming artist myself, and knowing you are a cartoonist, I’d be interested to know what techniques you use to draw with, i.e. a drawing tablet or pen and paper.



FROM: Anonymous
SUBJECT: Recorded By Arizal

Hey, so I just watched the Recorded by Arizal prelude on Rooster Teeth’s YouTube channel and I was wondering what your opinions were?

If you haven’t watched it, combined it’s about twenty minutes.

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