Aug 27, 2020

Megan and Joel discuss the trailers for The Batman and Justice League: The Snyder Cut and some of the other news from the DC Fandom event. Plus, Megan shares a pilot for a sharp new adult animated show.

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Small Talk

Listener Email

FROM: MisterRed
SUBJECT: Satisfactory Fuel

Hi dudes & dudettes from the cafe,

I have been playing a lot of Satisfactory recently because of Joel’s recommendation for it. I just got coal power recently. I found the biofuel is so annoying to continuously gather leaves and wood.

I understand it at first for maybe Tier 0 and maybe Tier 1, but it lasts up until Tier 3 to unlock and set up coal power. 

So I’ve got a question for you. How would you change biofuel starting out? Should it last so long or should you get coal power sooner? 

Thank you for making such a great podcast.  

Yours satisfactory, 


P.S. If the podcast is The Citadel Cafe, what does The Citadel Cafe coffee taste like?

P. P. S. Thanks for putting up the satisfactory chat cohost.

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