Mar 25, 2020

Joel is joined by Jonny (Pixlriffs) and Megan for a Dungeons & Dragons roundtable where they talk about new Dungeon Master Jonny’s first steps in the table top experience and Megan’s stories of Adventurers League and various dungeon groups.

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Listener Email

FROM: Lord_Valor
RE: World Building Discussion

Hey Joel and Megan!

I just got done listening to The Citadel Cafe 351: The World Building Rabbit Hole, and I really enjoyed the episode. It was a good change of pace. Having an episode like that every once in a while is fun to listen to in my opinion. 

As for the world-building discussion you guys had, I was first introduced into creating my own lore to a Minecraft world when I joined my friends Minecraft server. Each person had a “nation” that they created and built. To fit in with this theme, I created my own nation and wrote a backstory for it. I ended up with a civilization that lived completely underground, tricked into thinking that the surface was unsafe to live on. On my single player world, however, I do not have a dedicated lore, I just build things as I need them to help me advance the game. 

Thanks for the wonderful podcast, it’s great for the long drives I take. 

Keep it up,


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