Mar 4, 2020

Megan is back to have a spoiler filled discussion with Joel about Titans, Season 2, Brockett submits an email request to rank our favourite villain actors, and LEGO has proclaimed, this is the way.

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Small Talk

Listener Email

FROM: Brockett – Yes, still THAT Brockett.
RE: Ranking Favourite Villain Actors

Hey again, sorry for back to back emails, but…

I looove rankings and lists. So I’d like to hear y’all rank classic “bad guy” actors playing villains from your favourite to your least fave. So No. 1 would be your favourite “villain” actor. 

Sorry for leaving off several, like Alan Rickman, and I’ll just leave Tim Curry and Christopher Lee out of mine because that’s just unfair. ;)

– Dennis Hopper
– Christoph Waltz
– Malcolm McDowell
– Javier Bardem
– John Malkovich
– Glenn Close

There’s plenty more but those are a few that jump to mind as having at least 3 “bad” roles!



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