Jan 29, 2020

Megan and Joel kick off the show with listener email about geekdom gatekeepers and the Black Widow teaser trailer before letting loth wolves guide them through the final season of of Star Wars: Rebels.

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Listener Email

FROM: Leland

RE: Gatekeeping Geekdom

Hey Joel (and awesome Co-Host!)

First of all I love the podcast and the great community ya’ll have built. I have never engaged this much with an online community and I love it! I wish that everyone that loves something can find a place to share that love with other like minded fans. But alas that is not always the case.8cv v

I have heard many horror stories around fandom (Especially around Dungeons and Dragons) that someone told them that they weren’t true fans because they didn’t like X, or do Y.  I have personally talked to people about D&D that have told me that they thought it was cool, but then they went to play and had a horrible experience. I know this happens with other fandoms as well, and it always hurts me. I imagine all the cool stories and art that could have been created by people with different views and experiences, but because some gatekeepers told them they were having fun the wrong way, and that art is lost. I try my best every day to foster a safe space where people can come and have a great time in these hobbies that I also enjoy, and I feel that ya’ll do too.

Thanks for being inclusive nerds!


FROM: Lord_Valor
RE: Disney+ and Black Widow

Hello Joel! I love the podcast! 

I have been skipping around episodes, but I have enjoyed all of them nonetheless. I will eventually have many of the recent episodes watched, just like I caught up with The Spawn Chunks. A few things I wanted to mention, hopefully, you haven’t mentioned them on the podcast, but it’s possible since I haven’t listened to every episode yet. 

  • Marvel dropped a teaser trailer for Black Widdow, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. It seems to give more of Black Widow’s backstory, and that makes me wonder if that will prevent people from going to see it in theaters.
  • My second point is a question. What are your thoughts on Disney+? Is it worth subscribing, along with my Netflix subscription? Or is it overhyped and something I shouldn’t spend my money on?

Thanks for reading, and please don’t stop this podcast! 


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