Nov 6, 2019

Megan is back and seeing double Paul Rudd in Living With Yourself. Joel went to hell and back in Hellboy (2019) but has no bones to pick about a new LEGO Ideas play set.

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Listener Email

FROM: BBrilliant

Hi Joel, I love your show and I listen to it whenever I can.

When I heard in one of your most recent episodes that I could get involved in the show I jumped straight to my feet. I don’t really have much to say regarding ideas for the show but I would like to list a couple of titles from Netflix that – from all I’m aware – you haven’t spoken about on the show before.

  • Money Heist

  • Roman Empire

  • Inside Bill’s Brain

  • Luther

  • Monty Python

I know that this is not coming from Canada so not all the shows will be available to you but hopefully some are.

Thanks Joel, Keep up the good work and please consider these titles!

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