Aug 15, 2019

Lou is back from vacation to talk about The Boys, currently on Amazon Prime, Joel is excited about the new No Man’s Sky Beyond release and is working on his own pre-launch sequence, building a new PC.

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Citadel Mailbag

FROM: Yuriy T. (Citadel Cafe Member)

Hi, Joel.

I rarely spend time in Discord since I’m usually up to my ears in work. But I really enjoy listening to your podcasts when I’m walking my dog or going anywhere, really.

So I can stop shaking my fist every time I hear you talking about energy generation, I have to ask. Why do you never say that nuclear energy is actually the cleanest one? I found out that Nova Scotia even forbids building nuclear power plants. Maybe it would be best for the environment if we were investing in big plants with enormous power output instead of building small ones with small output and big relative footprint?

Thanks for great content!



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