Aug 22, 2018

Megan is here to pull back more of the curtain on her creative endeavours on the Heir of Keldonan, Joel tried to watch Justice League Dark and we talk about Next Gen, an upcoming Netflix original animated feature.

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Small Talk

What We’re Watching


What We’re Writing

  • Megan
    • The Heir of Keldonan
      • @HeirOfKeldonan on Instagram
      • Races
        • Main characters appear to be human. [ dun dun dunnn… ]
        • Elf-like race of the Fae
        • Other more common fantasy races like dwarves and gnomes.
      • Aslenira (The Society of Wizards)
        • Acolytes
        • High Wizards
        • The Arch Wizard
    • Inkarnate Map Tool (Website)

Keldonan with Inkarnate


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