May 5, 2016

Hammond is back to talk about Game of Thrones, Season 6 getting back on their game. We have some Supergirl related listener feedback and a seventy-five pound Imperial Star Destroyer.

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Listener Email

FROM: John Baily


I used to follow your postings on Ello before I canceled my Ello account. But I’m still subscribed to The Citadel Cafe podcast.

A couple of thoughts about Supergirl. I quite enjoy it, but there are a few little things that bug me. Supergirl has pierced ears. Yeah, I know, it’s the old “how does Superman shave” question. Maybe she had someone take a kryptonite needle and pierce her ears.

I hope you have seen the season finale by this time.During the fight between Supergirl and Alex I kept wondering why Supergirl didn’t use her heat vision to disable the kryptonite costume Alex was wearing. Or, why didn’t she pick up something and knock the sword out of her hand?

Remember when the Martian Manhunter shapeshifted into Max Lord to get into the room where Bizarro girl was? And when he first entered the DEO as Hank Henshaw? Who didn’t know that was the Manhunter? Was it really necessary to give us a shot of his red eyes? The writers often seem hit us over the head like that because we must be too stupid to have figured it out for ourselves.

These little criticisms aside, I have enjoyed Supergirl and look forward to season two (if there will be one).

Keep up the great podcast!

What We’re Watching

Winter  is Coming

Game of Thrones Season 6
Episode 02: Home (wiki)

Episode Plot Summary:

Walda gives birth to a baby boy, prompting Ramsay to murder Roose, Walda, and his new half-brother. Brienne reveals to Sansa that Arya is still alive. Theon requests to return to the Iron Islands, where his uncle Euron Greyjoy returns and murders King Balon Greyjoy. In Braavos, Arya is attacked by the Waif before Jaqen Hagar appears and orders her to follow him. Tyrion learns that Astapor and Yunkai have reverted to slavery, and releases Rhaegal and Viserion from their chains. Bran visits Winterfell in a vision, and sees Ned, Benjen, and Lyanna Stark, as well as a young Hodor. Jaime confronts the High Sparrow, while Tommen asks Cersei to teach him to be strong. Edd arrives with Tormund and the Wildlings and imprisons Thorne and the other mutineers. Davos persuades Melisandre to attempt to resurrect Jon Snow; though apparently unsuccessful, after the loyalists leave the room, Jon suddenly awakens.

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