Aaron Holland of Coliseum Of Comics in Orlando stops by the cafe to talk about Infinity and his love of table top gaming. Joel and Aaron are also really enjoying Heroes Of The Storm, and Joel is back – all be it a little late and a little frustrated – in World of Warcraft exploring the Warlords of Draenor expansion. We also have a serious chat about Game of Thrones in this week’s Winter is Coming segment.

Episode No: 148
Episode Title: Peddling Fantasy

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Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming Season 5

Episode 06 – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (wiki)
Plot Summary:
Jaqen takes Arya to a chamber underneath the temple, where the faces of all the people that have died in the temple are stored. Jaime and Bronn reach the Water Gardens, where they find Myrcella and attempt to take her. They are attacked by the Sand Snakes but the fight is quickly broken up by Dornish guards. Jorah and Tyrion run into slavers whom Tyrion manages to convince to take them to the fighting pits of Meereen, since Jorah is a good warrior. Petyr meets with Cersei and informs her that Roose plans to marry Sansa to Ramsay, which infuriates her. Petyr convinces her to allow him to lead the knights of the Vale to Winterfell to destroy both the Boltons and Stannis, asking that he be named Warden of the North in return. Olenna arrives in King’s Landing and warns Cersei that the confinement of Loras has put their alliance in peril. At Loras’ holy inquest, Loras and Margaery both state that there is no evidence that Loras is homosexual. However, after Olyvar is brought in and testifies against him, Loras is set to be brought to trial, while Margaery is arrested for lying to the High Sparrow. In Winterfell, Sansa is married to Ramsay, who consummates the marriage by raping her in front of Reek.
  • Joel’s Notes
    • Arya
      • Arya embarks on a darker path with aiding a young girl with her suffering. She’s taken a life before, but it’s always been in self defense, or that of an enemy.
        • Her lie to the girl is the key
      • “What they do with the bodies” is both bizarre and wondrous at the same time. It made me think of the Mines of Moria from The Fellowship.
    • Jaime & Bronn
      • The “fight scene” where Jaime and Bronn interrupt the Sand Snakes attempt to kidnap Myrcella was pretty pathetic.
        • I guess we should be thankful that the actors were hired for their acting skills and not fighting techniques, but nothing about it at all felt threatening.
    • Jorah & Tyrion
      • Hammond brought up on a previous episode that many of the relationships on Game of Thrones are father/daughter focused. The chat with Jorah and Tyrion about their fathers was a look into the dysfunctional side of fathers and sons.
      • As usual, a source for witty banter and some back story.
      • Game of Thrones is good at putting key plot discussions in the hands of characters that are (at the time) not directly involved in the pieces being moved.
    • Cersei & Olenna
      • Cersei wins this round, but we already know that Olenna isn’t a women to be trifled with. I eagerly await her response!
        • Which will come with an ever so slight touch of class.
      • Little Finger triple-double crosses the double-crossers so much I lose track of which double crosser he’s crossing. (Again)
        • Though I still think (No spoiler. Different than books.) he is eventually set on marrying Sansa.
    • Sansa
      • One minute, you sit up in your chair and fist pump, “Yeah!” when Sansa calls out Myranda on trying to scare her. (Even though it works.)
      • The next minute your blood boils as another character you’ve grown to root for, goes through terrible shit.
      • A fault of the show is that they don’t nearly spend as much time on the torture and eventual psychotic break of Theon at the hands of Ramsay as Martin does in the books.
      • Game of Thrones Article from The Mary Sue
        • Sent in by friend of the show Paul Fox.
        • Paul (from Hong Kong) is actually going to be on TCC next week.
  • Aaron’s Notes
    • Faces were weird and creepy.  Not sure I understand the magic of what they do.  Is it fleshed out better in the books?
    • Sand Snakes fight was really weird and kinda lame.
    • Was Bronn cut with a poisoned blade during the fight?
    • Tyrion had the line of the show “Guess again”
    • Little Finger had a great line during his encounter with the Faith Militant “We both peddle fantasies…mine just happen to be entertaining”
    • LF’s scene with Cersei was great too.
    • Everything Cersei is doing is self centered and will lead to the downfall of the Lannister house.  Prediction: The Tyrell’s are going to bail and end up joining with Stannis.
    • That last scene really made me squirm.
    • Leaving everything to the viewer’s imagination probably made it all that much worse.
    • Reek’s expressions were amazing.  You could see the torture of each side of his personality trying to wrestle for control.
    • Ramsay Bolton needs to die
    • Where are the Ironborn?  They fail at one rescue attempt and give up?
    • Senator Clair McCaskil quitting GoT over the rape scene.
      • So, all the other rape and murder that happened before was ok?  How is this any different that what we’ve seen so far?  The 1st episode has one of the main characters getting raped.

Internet Minute

  • Joel’s Pick
    • Flash (Grant Guston) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) outtake from the Variety cover photo shoot.



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