The love of Game of Thrones runs in the family. Joel’s sister Andrea Duggan is here to talk about the second episode of season 5,  The House Of Black And White. Spring is in the air with the upcoming Geequinox, and pink is a powerful color.

Episode No: 144
Episode Title: The House Of Black And White

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  • Andrea Duggan

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Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming Season 5

Game of Thrones Season 5
Episode 02 – The House Of Black And White

Arya arrives in Braavos and is accepted into the House of Black and White. Cersei sends Jaime to Dorne to bring back Myrcella; Jaime recruits Bronn and relieves him of his betrothal to Lollys. Podrick Payne recognises Littlefinger and Sansa inside an inn where they are resting; Brienne of Tarth tries to convince Sansa of her vow of allegiance to Catelyn Stark but is rebuffed. Brienne tries to leave, when ensues a confrontation where Brienne kills some of Baelish’s men. Jon Snow is promised legitimacy and Winterfell if he bends the knee to Stannis; Samwell forced Snow’s hand by nominating him as candidate, and Snow is elected the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch on the casting vote of Maester Aemon. Daenerys is faced with a riot after she decides to execute a former slave who has murdered a captured member of the Son of Harpy before he has been given the chance of a fair trial; she has to be evacuated by her Unsullied. Drogon reappears when Dany is atop her citadel overlooking the city of Meereen.

  • Joel’s Notes
    •  Arya
      • I found the back and forth with Arya at first a bit odd.
      • I don’t recall the purpose of her being left out on the steps of the House of Black and White only to be invited in later.
      • We’re definitely being set up for more mysticism and magic this season.
    • Cersei & Jamie
      • Jamie is off to Dorne to retrieve Myrcella.
      • Quickly finds Bronn, who is already plotting the murder of his betrothed’s sister to further his claim to her family’s fortune.
      • Jamie wants Bronn to help him in Dorn and promises him the hand of a woman in a greater family. (Mrycella’s hand maybe??)
    • Dorn
      • We get to see our first glimpse of Dorne.
      • Really enjoyed the art direction.
    • Brienne & Podd – Sansa & Little Finger
      • Holy crap, four characters all in the same place at the same time!
        • I actually thought this was going to take longer to happen.
      • Man, Brienne is by the book… It’s a bit boring. I didn’t really enjoy her very much in the books, outside of the fact that she’s always fighting, which is entertaining.
      • I like how Sansa is wary of Brienne, even though we know she has good intentions, Sansa would have no idea.
    • Lord Commander Jon Snow!
      • Everyone hates Sir Alistair Thorne. Everybody loves that Jon beats him out!
      • I enjoyed Maester Aemon’s deciding vote.
      • Stannis’s wife is someone I wouldn’t mind seeing thrown off the top of the wall.
    • Daenerys
      • I enjoy the metaphor between Daenerys and the divided people of Meereen and her dragons.
        • Free former slaves and former masters.
        • Free dragon (Drogon) and chained dragons. (Rhaegal and Viserion)
        • Revenge vs. justice.
      • Drogon is back! (This is what got spoiled for me on Facebook.)
        • He’s big.
        • He’s not exactly cuddly, but he has a different attitude towards Daenerys than Rhaegal and Viserion, who are still locked up in the catacombs.

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