Ryan Murphy helps us kick off the new season of Game of Thrones with the return of our Winter is Coming segment. HBO is making headlines with more than just the season five premiere of their most watched show ever. HBO Now is the new streaming service available in the US and as if on queue the first four episodes of Game of Thrones season five have been leaked online by a third party.

Be sure to stick around after the show to chat with Ryan and Lou Page about the Netflix original series Daredevil that premiered just ahead of Game of Thrones on April 10th.

Episode No: 143
Episode Title: Who Said Anything About Him

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Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming Season 5
Game of Thrones Season 5 (wiki)Season 5 Episode 01 – The Wars To Come (wiki)Plot Summary (from wiki):
In a flashback, a young Cersei is told a sombre fortune by a witch. After Tywin’s burial, Cersei chastises Jaime for freeing Tyrion and their cousin Lancel returns, now a devout religious man. In Pentos, a despondent Tyrion agrees to accompany Varys to Meereen to support Daenerys’s claim. In Meereen, the insurgent “Sons of the Harpy” murder an Unsullied, and Hizdahr zo Loraq and Daario Nahaaris try to convince Daenerys to reopen the traditional fighting pits. Daenerys’ locked-away dragons breathe fire at her when she comes to check on them. In the Vale, Littlefinger puts Robyn in the care of House Royce and leaves with Sansa, their caravan passing Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne. At the Wall, Stannis wants to enlist the Wildlings in his war against Roose Bolton. Jon Snow is unable to convince Mance Rayder to bend the knee to Stannis, who then has Mance burned alive for treason.
  • Joel’s Notes:
    • Cersei & Jamie & Kings Landing
      • Looks like more of the same from Cersei.
      • I liked that Jamie didn’t deny releasing Tyrion.
      • Margaery Tyrell is definitely continuing her courtship of Tomin.
    • Tyrion & Varys
      • Tyrion is still a lush. Hazah!
      • Love the humor of these two, but was a little disappointed in the substance of their conversation.
      • One good tidbit; Vares is going to Meereen!
    • Sansa & Little Finger
      • I feel like Little Finger is trying to rid himself of Robyn as best he can. He’s probably hoping something happens to the boy, while not in his care.
      • I couldn’t decide if Sansa looked more disgusted or terrified.
    • Brienne & Pod
      • These scenes didn’t really add anything to the episode other than, “Yup. They’re still alive. Yup. Brienne is still grumpy and sulky and doesn’t like Pod or being helped.”
    • Daenerys
      • I like that Daenerys so far is sticking to her guns and making more assertive decisions.
      • I forgot they changed the actor for Daario Nahaaris. I like him. Looking forward to more from him this season.
      • Dragons are looking pretty cool – and pretty big despite being locked up. I’m looking forward to seeing Drogon.
      • I don’t recall what Daenerys does with her dragons. I vaguely remember scenes from the books with those dragons in the catacombs.
        • This is what’s great about this season. I DON’T REMEMBER!
    • Jon & The Wall
      • I forgot how much I dislike Stannis Boratheon. He’s such a myopic character.
      • Oddly enough, I didn’t recall weather Mance Rayder died or not, but I did remember a scene where someone is spared burning at the stake by an arrow.
      • In the books, I feel like Mance’s incarceration and interrogation was longer and overlapped other events.
      • Obviously Jon is still a strong character, and Stannis is giving him some respect given his heritage and what he has accomplished at The Wall.
    • No Dorn…
    • No Bran…
    • No Arya…
      • She’s a fan favorite. I imagine we’ll see her next week.

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