Joel Cain is in the house and on mic to talk Feast For Crows and Chuck. Joel (Duggan) will (bleep) your (bleep-bleeb) ear off about Downton Abbey, Fringe, and listener email from Hong Kong.

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Episode No: 096
Episode Title: Downton F&@#ing Abbey
Episode Art: Downton Abbey Cast Photo

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Listener Email

Paul from Hong Kong wrote…


… Did you know that they’ve made your comic into a TV series… Well, minus all of your cool characters of course. ;-) I’m not sure if you guys have talked about this on The Citadel Cafe or not yet. (I’m still on your Christmas episode, so not quite caught up).

Star-Crossed (The WB)

It looks tween-tastic, but at the very least it might make for some interesting comic gags for you. Ha ha!

Best regards,

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